A strong site plan confidently mixes a few 100-year-old structures within a new development of town homes and condominiums. Undulating green terraces serve to downplay indoor parking and create an undisciplined landscape that negotiates spaces between the buildings' differing aesthetic systems. "[This project] is an excellent neighbor without having to mimic the architecture of IIT," the Miesian campus across the street. Glass and aluminum towers balance smaller concrete and masonry masses in "a compelling marriage of mid-rise apartment with a town house community."

Shadow Caster 78 was also honored with a Design Excellence Award for Interior Architecture.

For a Sonoran desert home that is all core and no shell, the idea was to allow interior spaces to flow seamlessly outside. Steel beams and generous cantilevers top ground-face concrete block walls, casting shadows that pass undisturbed through glass veils of frameless walls and windows. Interior colors and finishes, in a similar way, stress unity with the surrounding landscape. Furnishings—sisal rugs, leather upholstery, and solid walnut casework—are soothing, and building materials intentionally left raw project coolness while providing a neutral setting for artwork.