Five Stars: Best Apartment, Arizona, USA - Optima Sonoran Village by Optima Inc.
Highly Commended: Residential High-Rise Development, Arizona, USA - Optima Sonoran Village by Optima Inc.

A developer with an architect's vision, Optima has been designing and building some of the most striking urban and suburban luxury residential communities in the United States for over three decades. The company's latest award-winning projects are Optima Chicago Center and Optima Sonoran Village.

Optima Sonoran Village is a mixed-use, high-rise residential community in downtown Scottsdale, Arizona. Occupying ten acres, it comprises three seven-story buildings, one three-story and a twelve-story building offering 781 residential units and 13,000 square feet of commercial space. With an innovative, cutting-edge vision to urban sustainable residential design, the project features a highly-articulated façade with a vertical landscape system that enables plants and vines to grow on the edge of the building. This creates shading and privacy for units above and below. The project has 100% underground parking and 6.1 acres of landscaped surroundings providing an architectural oasis in the desert.