The AIA Housing and Custom Residential Knowledge Community established this awards program to emphasize the importance of good housing as a necessity of life, a sanctuary for the human spirit, and a valuable national resource. The categories are:

  • Category One: One- and Two-Family Custom Residences
  • Category Two: One- and Two-Family Production Homes
  • Category Three: Multifamily Housing
  • Category Four: Specialized Housing

Category One: One- and Two-Family Custom Residences

Jury Comments:

This is just fabulous.

They made shade in an artful way. The playfulness of the colors on the inside ceiling was so fun within the scheme.

This fits well into its site. The way the light plays with the metal is great.

Relic Rock | Notes of Interest

Relic Rock is designed with a simple, flexible, sustainable prototype building system that is adaptable to a broad range of different climates and terrains. This prototype architectural solution sits lightly on the land, with cantilevered floors that minimize site disruption. A distinctive connection to nature is achieved by dissolving the division of interior and exterior space.

Relic Rock's modular prefabricated architectural system is based on a three-dimensional structural grid consisting of a 7' x 7' horizontal module, a 1'-3" vertical module, and a 21' x 21' structural bay. All structural and building components are designed and standardized to this 3D grid. The exposed structure consists of a simple set of standardized components much like an "erector set" of beams, columns, connectors, and plates that are assembled into components in the shop and sequentially transported to the jobsite for erection. The floor and roof plates are constructed with nine individual 12 gauge press-formed panels bolted together to span the 7' x 7' module. Glazing, fascia, vertical screens, case work, wall panels, plumbing, electrical wiring, ductwork, insulation, stairs, and handrail are all designed in accordance to the 3D grid and integrated into the structure, thereby allowing automated fabrication with precise and efficient construction.

BIM-enabled Integrated Project Delivery through a collaborative developer-architect-contractor team complements the building system and results in efficiencies that are unable to be realized through traditional project delivery methods. Components modeled to exact dimensions by the architect and contractor within the model result in precise fabrication of structural components, glazing components, and architectural components that fit precisely together with zero on-site collisions or rejections. The software complements the simplicity of the building system by providing the integrated project team with precise construction coordination, accurate bidding, 4D scheduling, and construction management methodology.

Relic Rock has been granted the highest level of certification for green building by the nationally recognized City of Scottsdale Green Building Program.